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44.75"H x 47.25"W , Directory Signs, Multi-Panel Directory Signage

MP Directory Signage - 44.75"H x 47.25"W - D35U

Directory Signs

, mfg: Vista SystemsTM $859.99

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The D35U directory sign is perfect for directing people in motion. These directory signs are aesthetically pleasing and designed to complement any lobbies, reception areas or hallways. The D35U directory signs are also designed to provide for future growth. The frames consist of one 4x47.25 master header and three individual directory panels below it. Each individual directory panel is comprised of one 4 inch header and fourteen 2.5 inch panels, which when combined, yield an overall outside footprint of 44.75 x 47.25.

All sign frames come with clear lens covers to protect the paper inserts which are simply removed with a suction cup. Create paper inserts for the D35U sign frames or choose from acrylic, vinyl, PVC and other materials in addition to paper. The directory frames and their corresponding end cap accessories come in three impressive, anodized aluminum finishes; brushed silver, black and gold. All directories come with a lifetime warranty with discounts available on quantity purchases.

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  • V100 (100mm/3.93") aluminum sign holder extrusion, Clear Anodize, 47.25 inch.
  • CC100 - Clear cover (Glossy/Non-Glare) for V100 extrusion (0.5mm thick), Glossy/Non glare, 47.25 inch.
  • 2 MEC100 - Metal (Aluminum) end caps for V100 extrusion, Clear Anodize.
  • 3 V400 (400mm/15.74") Aluminum sign holder extrusions, Clear Anodize, 40.82 inch.
  • 3 CC400 - Clear covers (Glossy/Non-Glare) for V400 extrusion (2mm thick), Glossy/Non glare, 40.82 inch.
  • 6 MEC400 - Metal (Aluminum) end caps for V400 extrusion, Clear Anodize.
  • 6 GS1500E -1500mm Gripper extrusion, Translucent, 1038 mm.
  • This sign has 3 equal sides divided into 15 sections each by 14 SPS400B - Black dividing strip for V400 signs:
  • unit - 4inch height. 14 units - 2.46inch height.
  • This sign/product includes assembly
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