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4"H x 4"W , Door Signs, Door Sign - 4"H x 4"W (1" ADA) - WFP4U

Door Sign - 4"H x 4"W (1" ADA) - WFP4U

Door Signs

, mfg: Vista SystemsTM $18.99

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The WFP4U is a high quality 4x4 door sign used in various locations including offices, colleges, airports and many others. The impressive curved design on these door signs is highly versatile yet simple. The WFP4U frames accept paper, ADA, acrylic and numerous other insert materials. Printing inserts on paper or cardstock is fast and economical.

The WFP4U frames come with the following options to meet your personal needs:
  • metal and plastic end cap options
  • three different frame colors
Need a custom sign? Browse our online catalog or give us a call. All ADA door sign 4x4 frames are LEED certified with discounts available on volume purchases.

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Frame Specifications:
  • V100 (100mm/3.93") aluminum sign holder extrusion, 4.13 inch.
  • CC100 - Clear cover (Glossy/Non-Glare) for V100 extrusion (0.5mm thick), Glossy/Non glare, 4.12 inch.
  • 2 PEC100 - Plastic (ABS) end caps for V100 extrusion.
  • This sign has 1 equal sides divided into 2 sections each by VS13600/BL - Black divided strip:
  • unit - 1 inch height. unit - 3 inch height.
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