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24"H x 18"W , Poster Frames, Poster Frame - 24"H x 18"W - WFFL120SPU

Poster Frame - 24"H x 18"W - WFFL120SPU

Poster Frames

, mfg: Vista SystemsTM $134.99

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The flat, floating 24 x 18 poster frames are perfect for new artwork or promotion. The WFFL120SPU poster frames are also great for posting bulletins and informational messages that change frequently. In addition to these frames, Sign-Frame offers common poster frame sizes such as 11 x 17, 27 x 40 and 24 x 36. If you need a custom poster frame check out the online catalog or give us a call. An acrylic cover comes with each poster frame to protect the inserts and installation is easy. The manufacturer recommends mounting the WFFL120SPU with wall anchors and screws.

All floating poster frames come in two classic finishes; brushed silver and black. They come with a lifetime warranty and complement the most discriminating of venues and office settings.

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  • F24 - Aluminum Flat sign system holder extrusion for F24 (609.6mm/24"") width sign (based on two FLM & two FLEC extrusions with CWE), Clear Anodize, 18 inch.
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  • CC24x2mm - Clear cover (Glossy/Non-Glare) for V24 (609.5mm) extrusion (1mm thick), Glossy/Non glare, 18 inch.
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  • 4 FLSPx40 - Aluminum Spacer extrusion for Flat sign system to make a floating sign in 40mm wide.
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  • This sign/product includes assembly
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